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My ethos as a wedding photographer is to capture the true essence of the day as it was through natural, relaxed, story telling photography.

I document the day as it happens with natural wedding photography and genuinely believe that this is the best way to create honest & authentic images which will be treasured in years to come.

Whilst I love documenting family coming together with the essential group photos, my focus is on the natural moments. Celebrating the individuality and uniqueness of a couple and their special day.


Whilst every wedding is different, generally there are a few parts of the day that happen at most weddings. Here you can find more detail on how I approach photographing each part of a wedding day.


I begin with bridal prep. One of my favourite parts of the day. With excitement in the air and some fizz in the glass, this is the perfect place to begin the story of a wedding day. To start with I capture any bridal details, before a few pre wedding shots with the bridal party. I then candidly photograph the final preparations and all the natural in-between moments leading up to leaving for the ceremony.


It’s such an honour to photograph a wedding, and the ceremony is for me the most special part of the day. There are so many incredible moments within a wedding ceremony. The father walking his daughter down the aisle, the groom seeing his bride for the first time, the exchanging of wedding rings, the first kiss and that ‘we’ve done it’ moment as the Bride and Groom walk down the aisle with unmistakable just married smiles on their faces.

My approach to photographing the ceremony is simple and is nurtured from my experience of capturing hundreds down the years. I will be in the right place at the right time whilst being completely unobtrusive and as discreet as possible. If ever there was a time for capturing natural, raw emotions, this is it and that’s my goal when photographing the ceremony.

Group Shots

Weddings bring family and friends together. Often for the first time in a long time, which is why the group shots are super important. For me, the formal family group photos are for the VIPS of the couple. The immediate family and the bridal party. I want my couples to be enjoying their time with their guests and not stood around having an endless list of photos done, so I encourage them to only include key family and the bridal party. There will be time after the wedding breakfast to capture less formal group shots when there are no time constraints. I like to work to list and capture these keepsake photos as swiftly as possible. This way everyone can get back to what they’re really there for, to celebrate the wedding and enjoy themselves!


Who doesn’t love the speeches, I certainly do. This part of the day can be an emotional rollercoaster and I’m all for it. Hysterical laughter, poignant tributes, embarrassing stories and heartfelt declarations create so many special memories. I try to be as unobtrusive as possible during the speeches and love to capture all the candid moments of the couple and the guests as they happen.


I want my couples to celebrate their day with friends and family. This is why I like to keep the couples portraits relatively short. Generally I take couples away for two ten minute stints, once before the wedding breakfast and generally once before the first dance. This keeps things fun and relaxed and lets us capture some beautifully natural and personal portraits in different light. I tend to prompt rather than pose my couples and often capture the in-between moments whilst simply having a wander around the venue. I won’t pass on the opportunity to get a stunning shot of a couple positioned within a beautiful scene but I prefer natural wedding photography, usually using movement to let things unfold.


The musics cranked up, the drinks are flowing and everyones ready to party, it’s time to hit the dance floor. You won’t catch me heading for my car immediately after the first dance. The only way to capture all the dance floor antics is to get amongst it, and that’s exactly what I do. Some of my favourite, funniest and most random wedding photos are captured on the dance floor. I love photographing people having a good time and living their best lives and know that my couples love seeing photos of their guests enjoying their special day.

Jack was absolutely incredible as our wedding photographer in September! He captured the whole day expertly, and was professional and friendly to us and guests .

Helen & Ryan



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