Wedding photographers thrive off shooting in new locations and I’m no different. As a Scarborough wedding photographer, I had been keen to cover a wedding at Scarborough town hall for a while. When Polly & Will told me they were holding their ceremony here, I was super excited to capture it for them!

A wedding ceremony at Scarborough Town Hall
Wedding Vows being exchanged at Scarborough Town Hall
The happy Couple on their wedding day at Scarborough Town Hall

Scarborough Town Hall

The Town Hall is found on St Nicholas Street overlooking Scarborough’s South Bay. It was built in the 1840s as residence for John Woodall whose family were prominent Scarborough bankers. The style of the building is Jacobean Red Brick which gives it it’s distinctive look.

Polly & Will’s Town Hall Ceremony

Polly & WIll’s wedding plans involved an intimate ceremony with their close friends and family followed by a colourful and energy filled party celebration. The Council Chamber in Scarborough Town Hall provided the perfect setting for the ceremony. It was a ceremony which was full of love and collective happiness for the couple.

The Council Chamber is a large and open space which is bathed in natural light from three enormous windows. The room has a luxurious and almost opulent feel to it. A large balcony area sits at the back of the room which provides a great opportunity for photos.

The spacious nature of the ceremony room makes for beautiful ceremony photographs. Having the ability to move around whilst being discreet and unobtrusive during a wedding ceremony is great for a wedding photographer. I used the space to my advantage and managed to photograph the ceremony from several angles which was fantastic.

Polly & Will were beaming throughout the entire ceremony and this happiness was shared by all their family and friends. The couple were almost giddy as they exchanged their vows.The smiles could be seen on every face of their friends and family. Weddings are always joyous occasions but this ceremony had a special atmosphere.

After the ceremony the wedding guests spilled out onto the grounds which great views over Scarborough’s South Bay. This is the perfect setting for confetti to be thrown and for some portraits. The Jacobethan architecture of the town hall provides an iconic backdrop for photographs and there is ample space for guests to enjoy the celebrations with a glass of fizz.

Polly & Will’s was my first wedding ceremony at Scarborough Town Hall and I absolutely loved it. The Council Chamber is a wonderful space for a ceremony. I hope to capture more wedding ceremonies there in the future.

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The Bride and Groom being showered in Confetti on the grounds of Scarborough Town Hall